Roasted veggies for breakfast!

I roasted some vegetables I bought last week from the app toogoodtogo ( This app is great for reducing food wastage. You can buy very discounted groceries or cooked food from stores in your neighbourhood using this app. I had butternut squash and parsnip, which I cut into small chunks and mixed with some olive … Continue reading Roasted veggies for breakfast!

Sri Lankan parippu / dhal curry (පරිප්පු)

11 servings Sri Lankan parippu or dhal curry is a creamy curry made with split red lentils. Cooked in herbs and spices and water, with some coconut milk for the creaminess. The coconut milk and ceylon cinnamon distinguish this from the Indian style preparations. For the temparaduwa which is the topping, I fried some onion, … Continue reading Sri Lankan parippu / dhal curry (පරිප්පු)

Billing achcharu (බිලිං අච්චාරු)

Billing (averrhoa bilimbi) is a fruit that grows in Sri Lanka and also South and South East Asia. This achcharu turned out so mouthwatering delicious and is so versatile in how you can eat it. This is a non-traditional recipe and my own creation. I find the traditional one a bit fussy and involves way … Continue reading Billing achcharu (බිලිං අච්චාරු)

Arrowroot cookies with real arrowroot!

I bought some හුලංකීරිය or arrowroot from the market recently. In Sri Lanka we either boil it and serve with fresh coconut or make a porridge. It's a highly nutritious yam. Admittedly the yams sold in the market are giant sized🤣 I decided to do something different and make cookies instead. Since I am normally … Continue reading Arrowroot cookies with real arrowroot!